Protocols & Cultural Differences Series

1-Day Course

Instructed by trainDAVINCI Subject Matter Expert; Tamara Collum, retired US Air Force One Flight Attendant, Certified International Business & Etiquette Consultant.

Cultural Differences

Enhance cultural awareness, understand global differences, and improve cross-cultural communications. Learn to establish productive relationships within the work place and with your customers. Understanding how cultural impressions can influence cultures differently.

Importance of International Protocol

Understanding protocol and having the knowledge to properly use business etiquette through introductions, business customs and terminology for today’s environment. Enhance your relationships with support programs (FBO services, taxi, hotel, and catering services).

Styles of Eating

Become the expert on American, European and Continental trends while dining. Understand the various non-verbal codes of dining that will help you read your passengers. Better informed on how various foods are eaten and how to properly set the cabin up for the passengers. How to work with limited equipment and the Dos and Don’ts of dining.

Protocol on the Aircraft

Understanding who, when and how to serve on the aircraft. Gain confidence with your passengers on how to acknowledge titles, positions and standards of meal service. Make the right impression for your owner and the cultural differences for the guest passengers.

DaVinci Training Options

DaVinci Inflight Training Institute offers a full-suite of training programs to suit the needs of entry-level and advanced flight attendants. We offer 2 hands-on training platforms at our facility as well as customized off-site training and some of the best online training available through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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