Intro to
Corporate Aviation

This informative day of learning and connecting, is action packed with hands-on, safety and service discussion as well as networking potential that will include a lot of important material foundation necessary for success and career planning to enter the industry. We will also plan to visit a local FBO as well as a possible private jet hands-on familiarization (subject to availability).

Introduction to Corporate Aviation

This 1-Day symposium is for those seeking a career in business aviation. Candidates that attend this event will also receive a tuition credit towards their future Initial training or service elite course.

Program Agenda

  • Introduction to business aviation and the different types of operations
  • What is a corporate flight attendant versus commercial and responsibilities
  • Social media presence and its gravatas in the workplace
  • Differences in medical / first responder training
  • Expectations of assignment duties
  • Catering highlights and providers in the domestic and international markets
  • Corporate jet differences in layout and service expectations
  • Next steps in pursuing business aviation
  • FBO (Fixed Based Operator) / private jet terminal visit [tour, differences, etc.]
  • Lunch will be served

Enjoy an action packed day with hands-on interaction, discussion, and networking that will include a lot of important material foundation necessary for success and career planning to enter corporate aviation. We will also visit a local FBO as well as a possible private jet hands-on familiarization (subject to availability).

Students that join us for this informative 1-Day learning experience will receive a tuition credit towards DaVinci Initial training or service elite. The credit will be valid for one year from the month of attendance*.

Find out more about this and other opportunities by emailing us or calling. Learn why DaVinci is the campus of choice for high net-worth private owners, fortune 100 flight departments [companies] and royalty across the globe.

Cabin Safety (5-day Initial Training)

Safety. Service. Superior Innovation. DaVinci

Experience a cabin safety initial training program that will help you soar as you endeavor to enter the business aviation workforce. Within our community, cabin safety positions are highly sought after. Ultimately, the right training along with essential skillset development is crucial in order to optimize your potential. You need to trainDAVINCI. In today’s highly competitive environment, simply having previous experience in commercial aviation [within the United States / Europe] or working for a prestigious hospitality brand isn’t enough.

With a fresh and innovative curriculum, we cover the defined FAA required training expectations [Part 91/135] and so much more. From teaching the primary survey and first aid basics combined with the American Heart Association CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator)* guidelines, we will prepare you to respond quickly to adverse events.

Whether we’re teaching you about land or water evacuation [referred to as a ditching], decompression, onboard fires, or abnormal situations; DaVinci will reinforce safety centric behaviors in each discipline by conducting varied realistic scenarios and address the possible different outcomes. We will utilize our two different cabin trainers as well as our Global and Gulfstream G-450/550 window exits and a door trainer for various scenarios throughout the week.

DaVinci initial training comprehensively addresses best practices for elevated service delivery within our unique aviation environment. Our initial program has incorporated more elevated service training than any other initial program available. We also explore how to properly prepare and plan for international trip assignments and the unique expectations or potential challenges, we define how to plan your own catering order as well as tips and tricks for menu development.

DaVinci creates our learning content with the Montessori model in mind. Prepare for an immersive experience. From onboard meal service and plating techniques in a realistic cabin environment to providing you with two sumptuous meals daily; rest assured that the DaVinci difference is treating you as one of our well cared for passengers.

In our business, these prestigious cabin crew opportunities require you to work directly with C-suite leadership at some of the largest global business entities around the world, serve high-value wealth families, and occasionally care for a celebrity onboard. Discretion, along with key skills, the ability to discern client wishes and anticipate their needs are essential for success. DaVinci will share a wealth of comprehensive skills and resources to help you distinguish your abilities in our competitive environment.

Highlighted Learning  Modules:

  • Evacuation Procedures (Land & Ditching)
  • Extended Overwater Operations
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Crewmember Emergency Training
  • American Heart Association (AHA) CPR & AED*
  • Enhanced Medical Kits* & Telemedicine
  • Fire Identification, Fire Fighting
  • Aviation Weather
  • Basic Indoctrination
  • The Applicable Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs)
  • Surface Contamination [De-Icing Highlights]
  • Elevated Cabin Service Delivery
  • International Trip Planning
  • Catering Skills / Ordering
  • Menu Planning
  • Plating Concepts
  • Survival Equipment
  • Decompression / High-Altitude Operations
  • Safety Briefing [Demonstraiton]
  • Security & Defined Threat Levels
  • First Aid / Illness / Primary Survey
  • Crewmember Incapacitation
  • … and much more

The Aviation Profesional

COMING SOON! A successful business aviation crew member requires desire, people-skills, training and an understanding of the nuances of the industry.

DAVINCI has developed a 1-day career enhancement and networking workshop to help you market yourself, increase your contacts, improve your self-promotion and make that important first impression in order to “win” interviews. The goal of career enhancement is designed for crew members new to business aviation or those requiring a boost in increasing their professional development and self-marketing skills.

You only have one opportunity to ‘land’ your first impression. Make it count and soar towards excellence.

Available separately, or bundled with our 5-day and 8-day package.

Program Overview

  • Are you a viable candidate?
  • Various compensations and rates for employees and contractors
  • The power and importance of an effective cover letter
  • Introduction to professional resume (CV) standards
  • The “6-second resume”
  • Review of attendee current resumes
  • How to properly format electronic resumes
  • Business cards and business card etiquette
  • Professional attire recommendations and guidelines
  • Interviewing styles, tips & techniques to land future opportunities
  • The Aviation Profesional
  • Communication skills & styles
  • ‘TARGET’ interview strategies
  • Virtual interview preparedness
  • Phone/voicemail etiquette
  • Social media – personal versus business
  • Social media – shall & shall not’s
  • Networking opportunities
  • It’s your business “own it”

Program includes: Cover Letter and Resume review (if applicable) and detailed reference manual and certificate of completion.

Please contact trainDAVINCI for more information, customizing options, training proposal and rates.

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02sep9:00 am5:00 pmPilot Recurrent EGRESS TrainingSATURDAY| SEP 2ND, 2023


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