Aviation Leadership

2-Day Course

Instructed by trainDAVINCI Subject Matter Expert; Scott Moore, Moore Life Leadership, CAM (Certified Aviation Manager) and Associate Certified Coach

Leadership is crucial to the future of business aviation.  These days pilots are leaving flight departments and charter companies in significant numbers and signing up with the airlines.  Qualified mechanics are difficult to find, and sometimes hard to retain.  A high quality of life is described as one of the biggest motivators for flight department employees, often times even more important than salaries.  So how do we respond as leaders?

Learn how to lead and inspire your coworkers by creating a personal leadership vision. Practice giving and receiving feedback in order to create high-performing teams. Create measurable personal and departmental goals that help create success. Practice the communication skills needed to increase connection with the people in your life in order to help make a positive difference in the lives of others. Explore effective ways to increase employee engagement and workplace diversity.

DaVinci Training Options

DaVinci Inflight Training Institute offers a full-suite of training programs to suit the needs of entry-level and advanced flight attendants. We offer 2 hands-on training platforms at our facility as well as customized off-site training and some of the best online training available through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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