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05mar(mar 5)9:00 am08(mar 8)5:00 pmCommercial To Corporate [4 Days] SOLD OUTSATURDAY-TUESDAY | March 05-08, 2022

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Transition with ease from your 121 environment to 91/135/125 as our course takes you through recurrent and elevated service training targeted to help you succeed.

Join us for 4-days of training* that begins with corporate aviation emergency procedures in a recurrent environment. Before arriving, we’ll send some online preparation modules that need to be completed prior to attending class. When you’re here, we will teach you about the evacuation differences in a single cabin crew member environment and the differences of exit configuration. For example, in most cases, corporate jets are designed with one window exit (aircraft right) while some have dual exits on both sides. In rare instances, you might even need to evacuate through the baggage compartment (certain aircraft types—not all) if all other exits are unusable. Content will also include applicable Code of Federal Regulations for the private jet operations and we will talk about the realities of informing versus enforcing on a myriad of regulations regarding cabin safety differences in part-91/135 versus part-121. Other topics include FAA required weather such as wind shear and turbulence, as well as safety and security. Finally, we will go through planned ditching procedures and planned land evacuation as well as practical drills, first-aid, CPR etc. Included with your class, Davinci will provide you with a corporate flight attendant manual to help you go from start to finish on your first assignment.

In our industry, service is tantamount to the guest experience. Some former students have asked, is corporate aviation recurrent enough to get hired in this field? They have also said things such as, I used to work First Class International for a legacy carrier. Is that enough to get my foot in the door with corporate flying? Not typically. That’s why we have designed this course with your success in mind.

This specialized course includes elevated service training to refine your onboard engagement with guest. We will also discuss menu planning, catering parameters such as portions and containers, the importance of how to deliver elevated service in the business jet cabin, how to adapt the silent service approach to every flight, engaging and reading nonverbal ques, an overview of etiquette for international clients, the professional expectations around the cabin attendant role and so much more. We will spend time applying these new techniques as you practice hands-on delivery in our two cabin mock-ups as well as reinforce the essentials for elevated service.

It’s great to have safety training and our recurrent curriculum has been described as innovative, fresh and engaging. But to stand out as a new candidate in corporate / business aviation, the elevated service training is mission critical. This Davinci course helps you redefine your skills and polish engagement for any discerning guest or prospective flight department. Bringing the safety and service elements together culminate in creating the DaVinci Difference for our Commercial to Corporate training program.


    • AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION (CPR/AED/FIRST AID) – 400.00 value included at no additional charge
    • RESUME CRITIQUE, COACHING EDIT – 50 to 500.00 value included at no additional charge
    • MEALS – (during your time on campus a breakfast option as well as lunch will be served)
    • ASSORTED BEVERAGES – complimentary


    Our graduates enjoy preferential selection with numerous operators inside our prestigious community. In tandem with networking events, word of mouth and the reputation of Davinci as the premier place to train listed on your resume; it makes a big difference in being considered. On occasion, clients will contact us directly about posted and word of mouth opportunities. While we don’t offer placement, we do our best to connect the right students with amazing opportunities that we are made aware of by operators and owners. Every day you attend training with us, we always like to remind you it could also be an interview day, as clients frequently visit our facility.

    Many places offer cabin training but few garner the feedback that Davinci receives from our existing clients. Our recurrent program has been described as “best I’ve attended in years” [Karen – Lead Flight Attendant at large operator] “innovative, passionate, fresh” [Michelle – Director of Inflight for a large national account]. Service Elite has equally been described as “game changer,” “innovative,” “I am thankful for this class. I’ve learned so much. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned with you. I’m sending my other flight attendant. [Courtney—Lead Flight Attendant]”

    Some schools offer complex pricing with the promise of work upon graduation. Some places do all their training online. Always vet your education options carefully. Discover the value of hands-on training in an established facility that is uniquely ours with flight attendants at the center of all we do. Learn why we aren’t just a gimmick or a zoom meeting and how we continue to provide proven, hands-on training that is tailored towards individual skillsets, critiques for success all while you enjoy in-depth learning at our state of the art facility in Florida.

    Train with the leader in corporate aviation training that is globally respected, admired and trusted by billionaires, brokers, large flight departments and national account operators. #trainDavinci.

    *[American Heart Association CPR, AED and first aid may require an additional half day to complete]



March 5, 2022 9:00 am - March 8, 2022 5:00 pm(GMT-11:00)

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