As DaVinci Inflight Training Institute gears up for its opening this fall, the first comprehensive professional flight attendant training school in the world announces its partnership with Airware of Atlanta, GA. Managing partners of Airware, Amanda Kraft and Eric Posey, will take a 1,000 square foot showroom and office space at DaVinci’s facility at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in Florida. This will be their new showcase for their inflight products, which range from plastic plates and utensils to bespoke china and linens.

The creation of DaVinci is a long-time aspiration of Paula Kraft, an icon in the business aviation inflight catering industry with her Tastefully Yours catering base in Atlanta. Since the beginning of this year, Paula has been meeting with potential complementary partners who will join her at the 6,500-square-foot facility which will offer certified training for bespoke private aviation travel services.

“The Airware partnership is a welcome addition to our program, and part of our strategic plan as we begin our training classes this fall. We are making considerable progress with the venture, following meetings at EBACE and the NBAA Flight Attendant Conference where we started our cabin crew training program under the leadership of Scott Arnold,” said Paula.

“While Airware specializes in tabletop products, we also offer other items for food service on-board including galley tools and specialty knives, reheating containers, cooler bags with ice gels, food safety supplies, and disposable items to assist the crew in serving that five-star meal their passengers expect,” said Amanda.

Airware provides items that can help the third crew member transform their meal service into an anticipated event, including collapsible pastry tiers and tea sets for high tea service; shot glasses and silver ice bowls with mother of pearl spoons for a top scale caviar and vodka service; steamer baskets, lacquered chopsticks and sake sets for a surprising Japanese appetizer and sushi service. There’s so much we can do through food to enhance a passenger’s experience,” noted Amanda.

Airware will provide all the food service training equipment for DaVinci’s service trainer, demonstration hangar, and, of course, the culinary classroom. ” We feel that for someone to be confident serving in the air they should be trained using similar equipment on the ground. As such, Airware will assist in the courses that specialize in the care, maintenance, and use of the equipment. We also want to provide the crew members with the knowledge of different types of products available – glass versus crystal, silver versus stainless steel, porcelain versus bone china, cotton versus linen – so cabin crew know how to handle and care for it saving the operators money in the long run,” underlined Amanda.

DaVinci’s aim is to offer the best in inflight service, culinary, food safety, and cabin safety training. Students began enrolling online July 1 to attend classes from September 2017 at the multi-purpose facility including a mock flight department area that will test graduates on the entire cabin service experience. Bespoke products and services, including butler training, new galley technology, food packaging and presentation, will also be available at DaVinci ensuring greater passenger safety and satisfaction.

“With just a few months before we officially open our doors, we are excited to offer our comprehensive training platform for both the seasoned or new corporate flight attendant. “DaVinci will allow flight attendants to not only enhance their value to employers but also create greater passenger loyalty and brand reputation for flight operations around the world.


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