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Shari Frisinger and Scott Arnold, trainDAVINCI, offer combined online PDP (Professional Development Programs) and CRM focused courseware as well as conducting 1-day and 2-day educational workshops and training.

Bringing a different perspective to conflict and team dysfunctions, Dr. Shari Frisinger capitalizes on the latest research on how your emotions influence your thoughts which (both together) drive your behaviors. These three elements combined create a tornado of activity, spreading contagion far and wide. Many flight departments, aviation personnel and other industries have benefited from her research, case studies, relevant examples and situations presented.

Dr. Frisinger is certified in Emotional Intelligence and has done extensive research into the brain’s primitive reactions, conflict, fight/flight/freeze/fright and the essentials of effective teamwork. “It’s not what you said, it’s what they think they heard!” and “React and the situation manages you, respond and you are in control” are two themes that aptly describe her programs.

See Shari Frisinger’s full bio in our Subject Matter Experts section.

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