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PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AND COMPLETE THE STUDENT INFORMATION FORM SECTION. This is required to be completed and submitted prior to attending DaVinci Inflight Training Institute.

Student Information Form

Please read carefully and type your full name below as confirmation and today's date

By my signature and on the date shown, I acknowledge the trainDAVINCI manual/handouts are a copyright protected publication as are all associated training materials and aids used in the trainDAVINCI course and that reproduction of these materials in any manner is prohibited by international copyright law and that violators of this law are subject to fine and/or imprisonment.

Also, I do, in consideration of being accepted as a trainDAVINCI trainee, hereby attest that I have no psychological, physical or medical disabilities or conditions that could be aggravated by or cause a problem in the trainDAVINCI Culinary Lab or other training devices and equipment and that I and/or my employer agree to accept any and all risks and hazards including mental and physical considerations associated with the training course, and will hold harmless trainDAVINCI, its employees and subcontractors, from and against any and all claims, expenses, loss, damage, physical or emotional injury and/or any other potential liabilities arising out of or in connection with the trainDAVINCI training course,
I do hereby authorize and consent to the use of certain digital photographs of me taken by trainDAVINCI. I hereby grant them permission to reproduce, publish, print, use and distribute copies of such photographs on social media, printed and online publications for educational or advertising purposes.
- Course Start Time: 9:00am (unless told otherwise)
- Courses End Time: 5:00pm (approximately)
- The 6,500ft2 trainDAVINCI school is equipped with complimentary WiFi, charging areas and a Student Lounge stocked with a variety of snacks provided by B.E.Princess, bottled water, cold beverages, coffee and tea.

- DaVinci Inflight Training Institute
3330 NW 53rd Street
Suite 301
Fort Lauderdale Florida 33309
+1 954-870-6171

If using Uber or Lyft – enter DaVinci Inflight Training Institute and our complete address (with suite number) and location should be more accurate. We are located at the rear of the Palm Crossings 3330 Professional Complex. There will be directory signs at the entry driveway (on 53rd) and by the school entrance.
- Service/Specialty/Soft Skills Training (Classroom/Mock-Ups): Please wear comfortable clothes that are business casual. You will be expected to dress as a professional.

- Culinary Training (Culinary Lab): Please wear comfortable clothes (business casual) and comfortable shoes (no flip-flops, sandals or open-toed shoes). Be prepared to stand the majority of each day however, the culinary lab is equipped with compression floor mats for standing comfort as well as stools. A trainDAVINCI apron is provided for each day. Long hair (if applicable) must be restrained at all times.

- *If you are left-handed, please let us know in advance as we can provide you with left-handed culinary tools.
Click here if you are left-handed:
trainDAVINCI provides lunch every day. Please complete the section below if you have any specific dietary requirements and/or restrictions. It is the client’s or student’s responsibility to inform us of any dietary requirements at least three (3) days before the course begins. trainDAVINCI will make every attempt to accommodate your food allergies and sensitivities.

Tick the appropriate button below. If you have food allergies, please enter your food preferences as well.

The website has several informational sections and we have provided the links below:


We are operating under our already strict food safety guidelines, as well as additional practice standards of Health & Safety to ensure the safety and security of our students and trainers. You may review our operational safety standards here.


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