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  • In speaking to our flight attendants about their experience at DaVinci, they are both extremely pleased with the training they received. I am happy to see them with such renewed excitement about their positions and working together on plans to implement the new skills they have learned.

    J.D. Director Aviation
  • Thank you for a wonderful class.  All of the students are already spreading the word of what a wonderful time they had.  Both Daniel (Hulme)  and Leif (Ytterstad) share the same wonderful passion for what they do as well as the ability to share that knowledge in the same way Scott and Paula do -- I see why they are part of your DaVinci family!

    J.M. Standards Flight Attendant
  • I had such a wonderful time and an unforgettable experience with trainDAVINCI.  The Culinary Experience Elite was over my expectations. Paula Kraft and Scott Arnold were outstanding with their knowledge and services. I learned a lot and enjoyed it so much!

    M.M. European based Corporate Flight Attendant
  • Paula and Scott are truly amazing! They’re so knowledgeable of what they do, you’re definitely learning from the best in the industry.  As a scholarship winner, I’m so humbled and grateful to be in this beautiful facility, meeting all the great people and learning from the best to better my career, and most of all, having so much fun in the class!  A wonderful experience!

    A. Y. Corporate Flight Attendant
  • I appreciate that you are able to conduct a more progressive program that goes beyond the box checking exercises I feel the other safety training companies have become.

    A.P. Senior Director
  • I can tell you that this experience has been a complete game changer for me. Not only was it an absolute pleasure to learn so much from both Scott and Paula, it was an amazing honor as well. I can’t believe that I have worked so long in the industry without what I’ve gained in knowledge from you both. I sincerely thank you and feel so blessed to have new skills and more importantly, new friends.

    A.H. Corporate Flight Attendant
  • I want to thank you for an extremely informative and wholly unforgettable week at the trainDavinci facility. I had no idea what to expect from your school and everyone made me feel welcomed to have me there. As a maintenance technician, I was totally unaware of the experience that our owners would expect from a cabin server, and after a whirlwind week of service and culinary training I ultimately feel much more prepared to take on the challenge of that high end service.  Paula and Scott, your cumulative knowledge and great attention to detail shows through in everything you two do. One truly sees the passion you two bring to your respective areas of expertise and I can only hope to know a fraction of your skills in a lifetime. I can for sure say that I came out ahead of the curve due to your school and I feel very fortunate to have met the both of you.

    M.V. Maintenance Technician
  • I was very impressed with school, with Scott and Paula. I felt that the first day of class gave us all a uniformly in the way of the flight from beginning to end. I am very happy with the new welcoming service. I enjoyed the class immensely, I learned many better ways that  I can add to my routine and learned how old (and out dated) some of my techniques were.

    C.M. Cabin Attendant
  • AWESOME! A big thank you for the training to the unsurpassed level we expect!

    T.F. Inflight Services Manager
  • I was impressed with your (Scott Arnold) knowledge, experience and presentation skills.

    B.M. FAA Cabin Safety Inspector
  • I am so grateful feeling so welcome to learn from all of your team and everyone’s knowledge. Every trainer was easily able to answer and explain everything in perfect detail. The facility is also beyond! WOW! Everything was top notch and I want to bring more people here because everyone who works in business aviation should take courses here before anything else if possible.

    L.M. Corporate Flight Attendant
  • I cannot say enough great things about the course! It was definitely everything they they promised and more. It gave me such a wonderful foundation to grow on.

    E.L. Corporate Flight Attendant
  • Unbelievable what I’ve learned from DaVinci service standards and culinary courses. Take the Butler course with Leif as well. Scott, Paula and Leif are incomparable and your money couldn’t be giving you a better education.

    C.A. Corporate Flight Attendant
  • I completed the 5-day Culinary Elite course. Everything I hoped for from the dynamic pairing of Scott Arnold and Paula Kraft....and more. Drop in guests, too, provided insight and experience. Definitely top notch!!

    P.B. Corporate Flight Attendant
  • A great and professional experience, excellent teachers and environment .. the real 5-star training institute. Thank you DaVinci for taking my career to another level..!!!!

    L.L. Cabin Attendant
  • Training at Davinci offers students with leading edge industry information and skill sets. The facility is state of the art, welcoming and functional while the trainers are personable and knowledgeable with effective teaching methods. Flight departments investing in their Flight Attendants to attend Davinci training will definitely elevate their client’s experience.

    A.K. Cabin Attendant
  • Thank you!! xxx hasn’t stopped talking about it ! How much she learned and how grateful she was able to attend all of it (Food Safety, Culinary Elite, Butler Service in the Sky). Sounds like a wonderful program you have there and we’ll be sure to keep (DaVinci) in mind for the future and spread the word as needed.

    N.M. Flight Scheduling Manager
  • Scott (Arnold) is a leader in our profession, he has the ability to listen to what you have to say, process it, then give you an honest answer with points or references to back his process up. That is a leader in my opinion.

    D.S. Corporate Flight Attendant
  • The Future is Here!

    P.S. Corporate Flight Attendant
  • Finally! There is a training facility that includes everything required for any level of knowledge and any skill to master. Created by those who posses not only knowledge and experience but also can translate it into a training program and teach. I am sure you will set a new industry standard.

    N.V. European based Corporate Flight Attendant
  • Everyone's new training provider of choice! Created by two people who truly care about excellence in safety and service training. Forget the rest - just go to the true professionals with the credibility and experience you need to be the best.

    A.S. Lead Flight Attendant
  • I was honestly discouraged with the industry and fighting burnout. It can be so cut-throat, and as an independent contractor, sadly, succeeding with the client can mean failing with insecure management. But my time at DaVinci Inflight Training Institute was like a breath of fresh air, and renewed my faith in the industry. Your facility is beautiful, supportive and showcased the perfect balance of warmth and professionalism that I strive for as a corporate flight attendant. I felt cared for and catered to with special little touches and understanding when I had to cancel and reschedule more than once. I loved getting to peak in on the culinary course and the time spent networking with some exceptional flight attendants in and outside of my class. I thoroughly enjoyed Leif’s (Butler Service in the Sky Instructor) stories and care for his class as well as all the hands-on activities.   I love what you’re doing at the institute; your commitment to excellence is just what the industry needs! So keep up the good work!

    C.W. Corporate Flight Attendant

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