DaVinci Inflight Training Institute offers a full-suite of training programs to suit the needs of entry-level and advanced flight attendants. We offer a variety of hands-on training platforms at our facility as well as customized off-site training and some of the best online training available through our eLearning platform.

Elite Training

Culinary Training Options

Daily modules designed with hands-on interactive culinary training combined with instructor lecture, visual presentations, detailed manuals, handout materials and all needed tools to successfully complete the lessons. Each class is taught by an aviation industry expert and conducted in the state-of-the art culinary lab in the trainDAVINCI institute which is equipped with 12 student work stations with direct streaming of visuals to the work centers as well as on wall mounted monitors with live action streaming.

Program Descriptions

Preliminary Culinary Basics

Introductory level 2-day program, “A Lemon Is Not A Lemon” for those new to business aviation as a corporate flight attendant/flight technician or new to culinary skills training. Featuring: catering and knife skills basics, portion control, and how to order and communicate with your caterer correctly.

The Culinary Experience

Intermediate level 2-day to 5-day programs designed to increase your skill levels by teaching you how to create and present “Wow!” factor foods and presentations. Courses such as: “Just Plating” and various courses featuring techniques on food stacking, overcoming mistakes that might otherwise ruin the dining experience, “if you mess it up, dress it up.”

The Culinary Experience Elite

Includes the monthly 3-day to 5-day Elite course plus, various advanced level programs offered sporadically throughout the year, delivering an immersive, hands on and interactive culinary training experience covering culinary techniques and skills, food safety, and service etiquette training.

Speciality/Seasonal Courses

Introductory and intermediate level 1-day and 2-day programs instructed by trainDAVINCI or one of our Subject Matter Experts featuring modern culinary techniques, molecular gastronomy, seasonal and holiday courses, religious meals and protocols, and holiday baking and decorating for kids.

Culinary Training Courses

We offer some of the best culinary courses around. Register for any of our introductory, intermediate and advanced level culinary programs. Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-day packages.

Preliminary Training Options

Designed for new-to-industry corporate flight attendants, our programs are available as part of a 5 or 8-day package, which offer the most comprehensive training available in business aviation today. Conducted at our state-of-the-art trainDAVINCI facility, these programs will cover inflight service, culinary, food safety, professional career enhancement and cabin safety training.

Program Descriptions

Service Nouveau

5-Day Program


(Days 1-4 of course bundle)

This introductory program provides an in-depth look at cabin crew duties including cabin preparation for domestic and international travel, plating and service techniques, food handling safety, and the necessary soft skills to achieve success right out of the gate.

The Professional You

1-Day Program

(Available separately)

(Day 5 of course bundle)

To be successful in business aviation it requires ambition, desire, people skills, training, and an understanding of the nuances of the industry. This career building workshop will help you improve self-promotion, win more interviews, and make a stronger first impression.

Cabin Safety Procedures

COMING SOON! 3-Day Program + ERAU Online

(Available separately)

(Days 6, 7 & 8 of course bundle)

trainDAVINCI’s cabin safety and emergency procedures program specifically designed for new business aviation crew members. This program will help you learn how to manage risks, unusual situations, and enhance safety culture and procedures.


1-Day Transition/Introductory Program

Début (new start) is an introductory course specifically designed for individuals making the career transition into business aviation

Preliminary Training Courses & Packages

The courses can be bundled into 5 or 8-day packages to ensure you are a qualified and viable candidate for business aviation clients. Click on the button to learn more and register today.

Elite Training Options

For the experienced corporate flight attendant, this customized training platform is designed to meet all the culinary, cabin safety, and emergency procedure standards for your flight department or employer.

The Culinary Experience

This culinary program delivers an immersive, hands-on and interactive culinary training experience covering culinary techniques, food safety, and service etiquette training. This program also provides instructor lecture, visual presentations, customized handouts, and all tools needed to successfully complete each lesson.

• 3-Day Program
• 5-Day Program

  • Service Elite

Available Separately or Packaged with Service Elite
(available in multi-day programs)

Annual Cabin Safety & Emergency Procedures

trainDAVINCI’s advanced cabin safety and emergency training is an annual refresher course for business aviation crew members. This 2-day program includes 10 modules which meet all requirements per FAR 91, 135, and 125 training standards. This recurring program is designed for those who attended business aviation cabin safety training within the last two years.

This 2-day program includes ERAU online pre-course study and is available separately or packaged with Culinary Experience Package

  • The Culinary Experience
  • Service Elite

Service Elite

The goal of trainDAVINCI’S 2-day Service Elite course is to provide the most current information available on catering techniques, food handling safety, service tools and hot topics within our industry for our advanced students.

  • The Culinary Experience
  • Cabin Safety Procedure – COMING SOON!

Elite Training Courses & Packages

Bundle all three advanced training programs together to experience the ultimate refresher/level-up available in corporate inflight training available in 5, 6, 7 or 8 day packages.

@Site Training

trainDAVINCI offers our immersive training programs at your facility or preferred location. These @site training programs include:

» The Culinary Experience (2-5 days)

» Cabin Safety & Emergency Procedures (2-3 days)

» SMART Traveler Workshops (4 hours each)

» Pilot Essentials (1 day)

» Butler Service in the Sky (3-5 days)

» CSR – Customer Service Representative Training (1-2 days)

@Site Training Courses

You can choose from any of the four courses listed above. Courses range from 4 hours to 5 days. Click on the button to learn more and register.

Online Training

We offer a select grouping of courses to complement our in-person training or to be used as part of a blended training approach. Learn more below.

This program teaches you the SMART traveler system and common criminal behavior along with tips and techniques of how to avoid being a target.

The goal of this safety awareness program is to enhance the safety mindset and culture of a business aviation  traveling professional.

This program equips you with the latest in food safety principles and practices set forth by FSMA to access and mitigate food safety and hygiene risks.

This course will cover the dangers of consuming food allergens which can result in life threatening allergic reactions or immediate flight diversion.

Special Meal Planning

Due to the growing concerns of dietary needs and food allergens this course will help craft and develop a special menu for those with specific food needs.

Menu Writing

Developing a polished method to menu writing can add style and excitement to the meal. This course helps you enhance your writing and presentation skills.

Pilot Essentials

For light jet or cabin class pilots, you often wear “all hats.” This course helps enhance your passenger service catering and business etiquette techniques.

The Professional You

This career building program will help you improve self-promotion, win more interviews, and make a stronger first impression with impressive resumes, cover letters and business etiquette skills.

Online Training Package

All the courses listed above are conducted online through our partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. You can learn more about them by clicking on the Register button.

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