Preliminary Training

Designed for new-to-industry corporate flight attendants, our programs are available individually or as part of a multi-day bundle, which offers the most comprehensive training available in business aviation today. Conducted at our state-of-the-art trainDAVINCI facility, these programs will cover inflight service, catering, culinary, food safety handling, and cabin safety training.

Service Nouveau

This 3-day Soft Skills & Service Etiquette program covers such topics as catering, cabin preparation for both domestic and international. You will receive a certificate of completion and detailed inflight service manual, checklists, and order forms.

A cabin crew member for Business Aviation’s responsibilities may go well beyond providing premium inflight service aboard executive business jet aircraft. This list can be endless and includes such duties as executive chef, caterer, personal shopper, nanny, entertainment or activities director, official greeter, cleaner, launderer, concierge, travel coordinator, baggage handler, security guard, emergency coordinator, safety watchdog and more.

In the world of business aviation, there are no set guidelines or expectations to what your specific career and responsibilities will entail. trainDAVINCI’s Service Nouveau will fully prepare you for the expected and unexpected.

Available separately, or bundled with our 5-day and 8-day package. 

Training Program Agenda

  • Defining your new career
  • Creating your own signature style
  • Aviation terminology
  • Phonetic alphabet and aircraft tail numbers
  • Business jet familiarization – virtual tours
  • Aircraft & facility supplies
  • Trip planning
  • Cabin pre-departure set ups
  • Catering
  • Menu planning
  • Global catering
  • Food handling & storage safety
  • Inflight service & etiquette
  • Wine
  • Champagne
  • Cordial service
  • Coffee &  Tea service
  • International trip planning
  • Arrival duties
  • International arrivals – customs, agriculture, immigration
  • Cabin detailing

Interactive Service Essentials

  • Cabin set up
  • Catering facility tour
  • FBO tour
  • Table settings and themes
  • Plating techniques
  • Garnishing techniques
  • ‘WOW’ factor service
  • Long haul and international cabin and lavatory prep
  • International service
  • Making cabin beds, berths and divans/turn down service

Real World Essentials

  • Hotel & travel safety
  • “First trip call out – ok, now what?”
  • ‘The whole package” – The Professional You preview on networking and self-marketing yourself

Culinary Nouveau

This introductory program focuses on cooking and related culinary arts for aviation, passenger profiles, aircraft frame types that prepare individuals for a basic understanding of food service for aviation.

Only available bundled with our 5-day and 8-day package.

 Training Program Agenda

  • Instruction in food preparation and storage
  • Reheating techniques
  • Equipment operation and maintenance
  • Sanitation and safety
  • Communication skills with the catering source
  • Maintaining the cold chain
  • Basic service and etiquette

The Professional You

A successful business aviation crew member requires desire, people-skills, training and an understanding of the nuances of the industry.

DAVINCI has developed a 1-day career enhancement and networking workshop to help you market yourself, increase your contacts, improve your self-promotion and make that important first impression in order to “win” interviews. The goal of career enhancement is designed for crew members new to business aviation or those requiring a boost in increasing their professional development and self-marketing skills.

You only have one opportunity to ‘land’ your first impression. Make it count and soar towards excellence.

Available separately, or bundled with our 5-day and 8-day package.

Program Overview

  • Are you a viable candidate?
  • Various compensations and rates for employees and contractors
  • The power and importance of an effective cover letter
  • Introduction to professional resume (CV) standards
  • The “6-second resume”
  • Review of attendee current resumes
  • How to properly format electronic resumes
  • Business cards and business card etiquette
  • Professional attire recommendations and guidelines
  • Interviewing styles, tips & techniques to land future opportunities
  • The professional you
  • Communication skills & styles
  • ‘TARGET’ interview strategies
  • Virtual interview preparedness
  • Phone/voicemail etiquette
  • Social media – personal versus business
  • Social media – shall & shall not’s
  • Networking opportunities
  • It’s your business “own it”

Program includes: Cover Letter and Resume review (if applicable) and detailed reference manual and certificate of completion.

Cabin Safety Training – Preliminary

Proven methods like cabin safety, emergency procedures training and improvement standards like IS-BAO (International Standards for Business Aircraft Operations), NBAA’s (National Business Aviation Association) Best Practices and EBAA’s (European Business Aviation Association) WE-CARE programs are helping to foster a uniform code of best safety practices in the business aviation industry. We know from experience that air safety relies on the personal commitment of every member of the aviation community. Safety is a mindset – a culture that must be intentionally and continually reinforced.

This is why trainDAVINCI has created this intensive training program specifically designed for those individuals seeking new careers in business aviation as cabin crew members or require the complete preliminary course as current pilots or cabin crew. With a commitment to safety unsurpassed in the aviation industry, we help our students understand how to manage risks, unusual situations and strengthen their safety culture and improve their clients or employers safety management systems.

This 3-day Preliminary Training course is combined with required online pre-training via Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and conducted at the trainDAVINCI center and is a combination of classroom lecture, presentations, videos and hands-on interactive scenarios/proficiency drills conducted in a realistic business jet cabin trainer.

Available separately, or bundled with our 8-day package

Program Overview

  • Instruction in food preparation and storage
  • Reheating techniques
  • Equipment operation and maintenance
  • Sanitation and safety
  • Communication skills with the catering source
  • Maintaining the cold chain
  • Basic service and etiquette
  • Cabin Safety and Emergency Evacuations
  • Search and Rescue
  • Fatigue Management
  • General First Aid, CPR and AED
  • Business Aviation and Personal Travel Safety and Security
  • Surface Contamination
  • Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods

Training Includes proficiency and emergency evacuation drills conducted in a realistic business jet cabin trainer, deep water survival training in pool (life rafts and life vests), hands-on aircraft exit operation, emergency equipment preflight and usage, and live fire fighting with trainDAVINCI training equipment. 

All students receive a cabin safety manual, certificated of completion and training record upon successfully completing the training program and exam.


1-Day Introductory Course for those seeking a career in business aviation

“There are so many training options.”  “Where do I begin?” “ What training do I really need to start my career?” “What else should I be doing to succeed?” “Is this the right career for me?”

Are you asking yourself these types of questions? Are you transitioning from a commercial or regional airline, the United States Air Force, or maybe you don’t have any aviation experience?  If you are, then this course is for you!

Début is specifically designed for individuals interested in becoming a corporate flight attendant or flight technician but are not quite sure if this is the career for you or which step to take first.  We know, it’s a lot to digest and can be very overwhelming when trying to make this very important and big financial investment.

While attending Début, you will experience unbiased first-hand knowledge and insight into the world of business aviation from trainDAVINCI’s industry experts – who literally all have walked the walk to career success.  Becoming a business aviation cabin crewmember requires desire, people skills and understanding of the unique nuances of the business aviation industry. You will learn about all of the importance of training and the numerous options for corporate-specific training in inflight service, soft skills and more importantly cabin safety training. However, even after obtaining everything that is required, entering or sustaining a successful career in this field can be challenging … but not impossible! Let trainDAVINCI help guide you in the right direction so you can début with success.

Program Agenda

  • Introduction to business aviation and types of flight operations
  • What is a corporate flight attendant and flight technician
  • Expectations of your career and job duties
  • Experience “the day in the life” of a corporate cabin crewmember
  • FBO (Fixed Based Operator) and business aviation caterer tours
  • Business jet tours and virtual tours
  • Where do I begin?
  • Are you ready to make your Début?

The tuition rate of Début’s 1-Day Course can be applied towards any future trainDAVINCI course you choose to attend; The Culinary Experience 2-day to 5-day courses, Service Nouveau 5-day course package or Service Nouveau/Cabin Safety Training 8-day course package. This applied tuition rate benefit is valid for one year after attending Début.

Please contact trainDAVINCI for more information, customizing options, training proposal and rates.

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