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trainDAVINCI Subject Matter Expert Courses

Our esteemed Subject Matter Experts (SME) are all certified experts in each of their specific fields of training, coaching and consulting services. We offer the following trainDAVINCI courses and PDP (Professional Development Programs) level workshops; CRM (Crew Resource Management), Communication and Conflict Resolution, Aviation Leadership, Modern Culinary Trends and Molecular Gastronomy, International Protocol and Business Etiquette, and Customer Service. All of our SME courses are available at the DaVinci Inflight Training Institute or onsite.

All of the SME bio’s are featured in the About section on our website.

Aviation Leadership

2-Day Course

Instructed by trainDAVINCI Subject Matter Expert; Scott Moore, Moore Life Leadership, CAM (Certified Aviation Manager) and Associate Certified Coach

Leadership is crucial to the future of business aviation.  These days pilots are leaving flight departments and charter companies in significant numbers and signing up with the airlines.  Qualified mechanics are difficult to find, and sometimes hard to retain.  A high quality of life is described as one of the biggest motivators for flight department employees, often times even more important than salaries.  So how do we respond as leaders?

Learn how to lead and inspire your coworkers by creating a personal leadership vision. Practice giving and receiving feedback in order to create high-performing teams. Create measurable personal and departmental goals that help create success. Practice the communication skills needed to increase connection with the people in your life in order to help make a positive difference in the lives of others. Explore effective ways to increase employee engagement and workplace diversity.

Modern Culinary Techniques
and Molecular Gastronomy

1-Day Course

Instructed by trainDAVINCI Subject Matter Expert; Daniel Hulme, CEO and Founder – On Air Dining, London, United Kingdom.

After spending his formative years as a chef in some of London’s most critically acclaimed Michelin starred restaurants, and then delivering that same level of food onboard UHNWIs yachts and then at the America’s cup in Valencia, Daniel had a vision that has taken him to where he is now with the tremendously successful On Air Dining. Daniel will be displaying his outstanding and innovative plating technique skills and well as the mastery of molecular gastronomy during this hands-on interactive course applicable for all skill levels.

Course Agenda:

  • Umami – “Japanese for “pleasant savory taste” is often referred to as the “5th basic taste” along with sweetness, bitterness,sourness, and saltiness. How to prepare umami foods inflight as it generates saliva in the mouth and is one of the most important and most glorious flavors we experience daily — the one that makes brothy soups so heart-warming, seared meats so satisfying and aged cheeses so delightful.
  • Salts – how various salts are used and how they can be effected inflight; Pink Himalayan, Black Mountain Rock, Damp Sea salts, Maldon’s, Refined Salt.
  • Moisture Affect – understanding the effects and how the lack of moisture in the plane effects the food. What foods you can serve to compensate for this.
  • Sous Vide & Molecular Gastronomy – When science meets food. Sous Vide is a method of cooking vacuum sealed foods in a water bath for a long period of time. The purpose for this is to maintain the integrity of the ingredients. The water bath is kept in a consistent temperature and it cooks the food evenly. Discover with us the secrets of molecular gastronomy and taste the benefits first hand.

This course is offered intermittently at the trainDAVINCI School and is available as a stand alone program or can also be packaged with another scheduled trainDAVINCI course taking place either prior or after this course. Please see the trainDAVINCI course schedule for available packaged options or please contact us directly for more information.

CSR – Customer Service Representative Training

1-Day to 2-Day Course for FBO and Caterer Personnel

Available as a customized trainDAVINCI stand alone course or bundled with any of our other courses.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”
Maintaining a competitive edge in business aviation by ensuring your employees provide exceptional service is the key to success! The trainDAVINCI instructors design customized courses using proven communication skills and techniques using your products and services, your process and your clientele knowledge. These courses are highly interactive and focus on consistency, communication and troubleshooting skills, and conducted in an entertaining and engaging manner. Exceptional customer service providers instinctively know what their clientèle need and what they want – and recognize the difference. They understand how to talk to their clientèle, including what words more positively influence the relationships. Ready to trainDAVINCI?

1-day Sample Course Agenda:

  • Developing a loyal customer base
  • Exceeding Customer Service expectations
  • Telephone, Email and Social Media professionalism, etiquette and skills
  • Understanding the nuances of customer, passenger and aircraft profiles
  • Ordering, handling and delivery catering (approximately half day)
  • Basic food handling and storing safety

2-day Sample Course Agenda:

  • Developing a loyal customer base
  • Managing interaction with customers
  • Communication Skills
  • Exceeding Customer Service expectations
  • Understanding different personality types
  • Handling ‘challenging’ customers
  • Recovering from a communication faux pas
  • Phrases to strengthen relationships, and phrases that will weaken that same relationship
  • Telephone, Email and Social Media professionalism, etiquette and skills
  • Understanding the nuances of customer, passenger and aircraft profiles
  • Stress Management techniques
  • Ordering, handling and delivery catering (approximately half day)
  • Basic food handling and storing safety

This course can be conducted at trainDAVINCI or Onsite at your operation or facility.

Protocols & Cultural Differences Series

1-Day, 2-Day & 3-Day Courses

Instructed by trainDAVINCI Subject Matter Expert; Tamara Collum, retired US Air Force One Flight Attendant, Certified International Business & Etiquette Consultant

Cultural Differences

Enhance cultural awareness, understand global differences, and improve cross-cultural communications. Learn to establish productive relationships within the work place and with your customers. Understanding how cultural impressions can influence cultures differently.

Importance of International Protocol

Understanding protocol and having the knowledge to properly use business etiquette through introductions, business customs and terminology for today’s environment. Enhance your relationships with support programs (FBO services, taxi, hotel, and catering services).

Styles of Eating

Become the expert on American, European and Continental trends while dining. Understand the various non-verbal codes of dining that will help you read your passengers. Better informed on how various foods are eaten and how to properly set the cabin up for the passengers. How to work with limited equipment and the Dos and Don’ts of dining.

Protocol on the Aircraft

Understanding who, when and how to serve on the aircraft. Gain confidence with your passengers on how to acknowledge titles, positions and standards of meal service. Make the right impression for your owner and the cultural differences for the guest passengers.

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