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DaVinci Inflight Training Institute
3330 NW 53rd St Ste 301 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
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Dec 09 2019


9-5pm Each Day
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Culinary Experience Elite (4-day)

Advanced Culinary and skills training for business aviation professionals. Daily modules are designed with hands-on interactive culinary training combined with instructor lecture, visual presentations, detailed manuals, handout materials and all needed tools to successfully complete the lessons. Each class is taught by aviation industry expert Paula Kraft and conducted in the state-of-the art culinary lab in the trainDAVINCI Training Center.

These courses will provide the understanding of the basic needs and restrictions of your clients, enabling you to order more precisely the food matching passengers and flight crew requirements, considering the restrictions of an aircraft galley for the appropriate dish for the specific time of day.

You will gain a valuable understanding of aviation specific packaging, foods and the interplay among ingredients, various cooking methods and seasonings that work best at high altitude. You will learn how to make an order a simple task while reducing waste and food costs. You will gain the ability to prepare and present foods that create a “Wow” factor for your passengers, guests and the flight crew, while even overcoming mistakes that might otherwise ruin the dining experience.

Available separately, or bundled with Service Elite and/or Cabin Safety Training

4-Day Course – Bundled Course

Includes days 1, 2 & 3 agendas, plus the following day 4 agenda:

Day 4

  • Galley Time Management
  • Salad stacks and presentations
  • Various plate design plans (covered daily)
  • Out of the box recovery (covered daily)
  • Food preparation – “Some Assembly Required”
  • Cooking onboard- “Something out of Nothing”
  • Long Haul Front Loaded Stock and Fresh
  • Culinary Evaluation

Day 4 course includes: days 1-4 tools and handouts plus sample menus.

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