Mission and Values

Our Mission

To be the leader in the evolution of training in an ever-changing business aviation world.

We have created high-quality, competency-based, industry-endorsed instructional programs providing services and skills that enable the students to excel in the business aviation industry with specialized training in cabin safety, culinary, inflight service and etiquette that align with international standards.

Our Values

Currently, there is not one training company that is providing a comprehensive training program, that once completed, has provided training previously learned only by expensive on the job training. The school consists of industry leaders and highly recognized, well-respected experts in their perspective fields to teach their specialty areas of the industry. All Instructors are currently performing the jobs they will be teaching.

The school serves as a training center for the latest culinary, cabin safety, inflight service and connectivity equipment and tools used on business jets provided by the manufacturers. It is a source for the manufacturers and OEM’s to survey working crew and test new products, and for small businesses to debut products that the experts feel are relevant to the training.

The school also showcases and provides training space for a variety of industry providers, manufacturers and vendors.

DaVinci Training Options

DaVinci Inflight Training Institute offers a full-suite of training programs to suit the needs of entry-level and advanced flight attendants. We offer a variety of hands-on training platforms at our facility, as well as customized onsite training and some of the best online training available through our eLearning platform.


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